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Author: Bitcoin Price

Ontario Securities Commission Hosts Fintech Hackathon

These Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has announced it is having a regulatory hackathon for  blockchain and fintech innovation. The event counters the recent launch the OSC LaunchPad, a service which engages with fintech start ups and provides opportunity. Also read:   Webjet & Microsoft Introduce Travel Area of trading Blockchain Hackathon Locate the Wow Factor The regulatory agency that oversees some of the Canadian gets the of Ontario seems crazy about financial technology. Now the group is having a three-day hackathon. “ RegHackTO ” will take place November 25-27 at the Bitmaker — based upon at 220 King St...

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Rupee Out, Bitcoin In: And also India Could Become New-fangled China

American native indians interest in Bitcoin has increased following sudden rupee  rebuilds, revealing serious potential to rivalité major markets including Taiwan. Also read through:   India Becomes No . secondly Bitcoin Amazon Buyer Amongst Rupee Shake-Up India Bitcoin Research Spike as Rupee Is prey Bitcoin. com reported Thursday on India’ s government withdrawing all of the country’ s  two highest-value banknotes, supposedly in a bet to curb corruption. The notes are already useless, but Indians appear to be loss of rather than gaining faith interior rupee. India turns to Search engines like google to find out how to launder...

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Southern area Korean Bank Creates Cross-Border Bitcoin Service

One of the many oldest banks in Southern Korea, Shinhan Bank, supports revealed it will launch  this cryptocurrency remittance service using Bitcoin. Virtually any joint effort between the economic institution and Streami Inc. shall oversee the cross-border products between Korea and Chinese suppliers. Shinhan Checking and Streami Plan to Start off South Korean Bitcoin Remittance Platform Principles Pulse , Shinhan Bank will be the first great financial institution in the region to utilize generally the Bitcoin blockchain. Streami Incorporation. is a blockchain remittance middleware and infra provider that aims to specific secure and cheaper cross-border remittance . Additionally ,...

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Markets Monthly: Bitcoin Tests 2016 Highs as Investors Seek Privacy

Markets Weekly is a column analyzing price movements in the global digital currency markets, and the technology’s use case as an asset class. In this special monthly edition, CoinDesk analyzes movements and developments in the digital currency markets for the month of October. It may seem ironic, but privacy dominated the public digital currency discussion in October. Spurred by a growing awareness that bitcoin is not as anonymous as it has been advertised by banks and regulators, innovators and speculators are now seeking to capitalize on what they see as an opportunity to create new products for developers and new...

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What’s Left Before Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Goes Live

There aren’t many steps left before bitcoin’s Lightning Network will be finished – or at least an early version of it. The big picture looked starkly different a year and a half ago when developers Joseph Poon and Tadge Dryja first put forth a white paper outlining a way to expand bitcoin to accommodate millions of transactions per second. It was a cool idea to use hashed timelock contracts (HTLC) to build a top-layer to bitcoin that didn’t require any extra trust in intermediaries, but there wasn’t a clear-cut path forward from the theoretical. Since then, it’s become viewed as...

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