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Bitcoiners in the past few days are blessed with witnessed mainstream media scattering rumors about South Korea’ s ban on cryptocurrency. This, as always, caused a number of them panic selling. But heya, don’ t be irritation. Colonel Sanders is here which can spread some fried plenty of joy amid the crypto bloodbath. KFC Canada messaged today they are accepting Bitcoin for the finger lickin’ chook.  

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Bitcoin Backed by Fired Chicken

Kentucky Fried Plenty of Canada tweeted this Exclusive that patients now can pay for a container of the Colonel’ s Women Recipe in bitcoin. Has been renowned the “ Bitcoin Bucket”, the Canadian outlet shows priced the chicken on 20 Canadian Dollars ($16), and that includes 10 original menu tenders, waffle fries, every medium side, gravy in addition two dips.

The Canadian outlet submitted to its website “ Here you are at 2018, Canada. ”

PF CHANGS Canada presents The Bitcoin Bucket. Sure, we don’ t know exactly what Bitcoins are, or how they give good results, but that shouldn’ p come between you and some index finger lickin’ good chicken.

Giving awareness of bitcoin’ s a volatile market, the company has set up a huge Facebook Live  feast, displaying the number of bitcoins musts to pay for the meal. It played for four countless.

“ Lumber is often ups and downs of Bitcoin, finally, the Colonel’ s Original Ingredient is as good as always. Therefore , trade your Bitcoins with buckets and invest in all sorts of things finger lickin’ good. ”

Abdominal muscles Alt-recipes?

These post has a lot of information suggesting KFC should take into consideration altcoins over bitcoin. “ Use XRP, ” composed a Twitter user. “ You should accept verge foreign money, much faster than BTC, ” wrote another.

Litecoin Creator Charlie Shelter retweeted   the main post saying Litecoin must have been a better option for KFC.

Kentucky Deep-fried Chicken Canada Launches “ Bitcoin Bucket”

Still, many Twitter anyone are excited to see the junk food chain accepting bitcoin, with a splash customers buying only to employ a bite of the crypto roasted chicken.

Aware of Bitcoin’ azines long transfer times, that bitcoin bucket will be currency trading for a limited time, and then be available to be purchased around KFC Canada’ s browsing portal.   Once gotten, customers will have their pail delivered to their home.

What do you think of KFC’ s acceptance of Bitcoin? Which coin will be the the next? Leave your comments in their official website.

Symbole via Shutterstock, KFC Southwestern ontario twitter.

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