Prices of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency monero are at an perfect high and could keep on mountaineering, chart analysis indicates.

Monero (XMR) gone past previous record élevé near $210 earlier in the marketplace today and was trading inside of the new lifetime high of $240. 12 soon before newspapers time. As per CoinMarketCap , XMR has appreciated 19 percentage in the last 24 hours.

Activity on social media indicates the investor local area has taken note of cybersecurity pioneer and eclectic personality  John McAfee’s upbeat wisecracks on the cryptocurrency. The remarked antivirus inventor and BOSS of MGTCapital, while meeting the media, said monero could be a serious competitor when bitcoin.

Well, the cryptocurrency looks to be  moving  more mainstream, owning a music industry payments technique claimed today , although, naturally , a clear connection between numerous media announcements and offering price gains can’t be clearly proven.

The price move is largely in line with the significant gets seen in other bitcoin many choices like bitcoin cash on top of that litecoin.

CoinMarketCap   data shows the move is being in part fueled courtesy of Korean desks. Trading volumes of prints in the XMR/KRW pair made available by Bithumb, one of the largest Of this Korean exchanges, have gone in by 30 percent over the last 24 hr.

Looking at the value charts, the base has shifted a little bit higher today, and the move could extend to $265– 270 levels in the interim.

Monero draw

The above chart shows:

  • Monero has pushed out resistance at $223 (127. 2 percent Fibonacci extension). The next big protection level is lined up during $266. 97 (161. 1 percent Fibonacci extension).
  • The 5-day then 10-day moving averages are really sloping upwards in favor of these bulls, indicating a restorative pullback, if any, a highly effective00 run out of steam under the 10-day MA (seen right now at $190. 09).
  • The relative endurance index (RSI) points to overbought conditions, although still properly below the highs seen in delayed August.


  • Monero looks set to try out $265– $270 levels to the short-term.
  • An technical correction/healthy pullback works as a possibility due to overbought considerations, but dips below 10-day MA will likely be short-lived.

Ladder image via Shutterstock

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