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Month: September 2017

Fluff Trap? Bitcoin Prices Battle to Build Momentum Above Mobility Average

Despite rising again atop its 50-day moving modest today, the bitcoin-US few bucks ( BTC/USD ) exchange rates is having a hard time gaining hauteur. At hi-def time, the digital trade is trading at $4, 188, down from a most of $4, 269 earlier these; its highest level because of the fact September 12. Week-on-week, BTC is up 14. 4%, regarding month-on-month it is still breastfeeding 5. 5% loss. Still, with no rid adoption or technical delivery staff, there is cause for concern that your particular potential “bull trap” will developing. With prices unable to build on the overnight...

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Zcash’s Wild Ride: Prices Spike that will help $400, Fall to three hundred, But What’s Next?

The privacy-focused cryptocurrency zcash has had a wild round the clock. At limelight time, the zcash-US monetary ( ZEC/USD ) exchange charge had reached a high created by $410, its highest position since June, only to autumn season back to $290 levels, most of the volatile day driven through process of reports the coin may just be listed on South Korea’s trading exchanges. Indeed, the inciting funny news here appears to be news to the forthcoming addition of the cryptocurrency to Bithumb, one of the nation’s largest trading platforms. Stepping back, the idea can be seen as part of...

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Crypto Hedge Fund Costs? Take $100k and Here’s Happy You’d Pay

Nobody works for free – least of all hedge investment managers. Therefore despite their investments in bitcoin , azure and other up and coming digital assets, there are no major leaps in methods cryptocurrency hedge funds look calculating their costs. All crypto off-set fund managers get paid by the fees they charge for you to investors – and, much like in traditional markets, people today fees aren’t always effortless.   Calculating the costs with possible return on your investment can prove very difficult, given that fee structures may be described in ways that wed the worst aspects of legalese...

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It’s Political: Why China Hates Bitcoin and Loves the Blockchain

Michael J. Casey is the chairman of CoinDesk’s advisory board and a senior advisor for blockchain research at MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative.  In this opinion piece, one of a weekly series of columns, Casey considers China’s recent moves against bitcoin exchanges and ICOs in a wider geopolitical context. The crypto community is once again reeling from a Chinese crackdown and trying to read the tea leaves on Beijing’s next move. China’s policymaking is far from transparent, so one can only speculate how long the new restrictions on bitcoin exchanges and token sales might last. Still, if we view China’s actions...

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Returned Above $4, 000: Bitcoin Eyes Next Major Selling price Hurdle

Having successfully defended the top rising trend line power over the last few days, the bitcoin-US dollar ( BTC/USD ) replace rate is well quote above the $4, 000 amount today. From press time, the cryptocurrency that powers the the planet’s largest blockchain is getting at $4, 070, forward 3% on the day. On a monthly basis, actually, it is still nursing 6% loss. Utilizing the positive price action, real estate investors appear to also be turning good blind eye toward  news out of Cina   that suggests at least one major domestic bitcoin exchange has followed from on...

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