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WINGS DAO to earn 1% in consideration of Indorse tokens for selling discovery and social deal

Singapore — July 10, 2017 – Indorse , the decentralized professional networking on Ethereum, and WINGS (, the Ethereum-based offer discovery and social promoting and advertising DAO, have announced that Indorse intends to use the WINGS platform for crowd-powered survey and promotion, and for its’ bounty application for area engagement.

Indorse can be likened to a decentralised LinkedIn and Instagram, in which every “ claim” into your profile will be validated of your peers. Users have a conceived earning through this process. The woking platform will share most of the return with users.

Eddy Travia, CEO among Coinsilium Group which this morning invested S$100k in Indorse, said, “ This is a another and game-changing model in any multi-billion-dollar social media industry and that we are confident that Indorse has the requisite skills but also talent to propel Indorse to become one of the world’ ise most popular decentralised social websites. ”

Mainly because June 2017 WINGS DAO has forecasted and endorsed several funding campaigns that have raised in excess of $150 hundred. WINGS “ The Blockchain Crowdfunding DAO” serves as an platform where WINGS spots can evaluate upcoming ICO’ s, forecast the amount sure project is about to raise for the its funding campaign and publish projects with their social networks. Their wisdom of crowds is regarded one of the most accurate ways to outlook future events, WINGS and also forecast markets and mess in the stores specifically for Ethereum ICOs.

“ We are very happy to have the talented team available on Indorse choose WINGS once the choice partner for helping them in pricing those crowdfund and for engaging i would say the cryptocurrency community with our resources application, ” said Stas Oskin, WINGS Core Maker, “ Many new possibilities to make decentralized applications emerge from leading of real world personas along the Ethereum blockchain something is actually Indorse has the first motivar advantage. ”

A total of 1% of all of the Indorse tokens will be designated for WINGS DAO musicians to forecast and share due to their social networks the valuation from the Indorse project by comparing the team, concept and enhance potential. Brought together this is what data will allow the Indorse team to accurately equity and price their crowdfund based on market feedback through crypto-community. Forecasting and views will commence at on July 17, 2017.

David Moskowitz, CEO of Indorse mentioned, “ We are really anxious about this collaboration. By working together with WINGS, we seek to create network effects & receive valuable feedback out of the community. This feedback as a result of expert crypto community helps to us make Indorse more. With WINGS, we look toward creating a solid ecosystem for the followers & future members in Pre Token Business & Token Sale on a also includes a rewarding Resources Program. ”

Indorse will make use of the WINGS Bounty Management application which is successfully used by over seventeen, 000 individuals from the total cryptocurrency community to raise interest levels and ensure ICOs more than merely meet their funding initiatives but engage as many quick contributors as possible. 1% to Indorse tokens have been allotted to bounties, to sign up and get involved please visit:

About Indorse
Indorse is a revolutionary staging using new models of tokenization and decentralization to change the body of professional social networking. Indorse uses internal rewards (Indorse Rewards) and a reputation console (Indorse Score) to incentivize members to add their competencies / accomplishments and indorse those of others. Indorse is always to be developed by the team at Attores, a blockchain company within Singapore. For more information please visit:

Media Contact: Avadhoot Kulkarni, avad@indorse. io

About WINGS Organiztion
WINGS Foundation support is based in Switzerland or comprised of a decentralized young team of professionals aiming to bring blockchain-enabled projects to the mainstream all the way through forecasting. WINGS uses DAO technology to enable a new types of emergent incentivized swarm brains for value discovery while on the Ethereum. WINGS provides finest in class libraries of cunning contracts for blockchain centred crowdfunding and for post-funding decentralized governance. To learn more please visit:

Media find: Dominik Zynis, domi@wings. ai

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