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Month: July 2017

Could SPV Support a Billion Bitcoin Users? Sizing up a Scaling Claim

Jameson Lopp is a software engineer at BitGo, creator of and founder of In this opinion piece, Lopp takes a deep dive into claims that it’s safe to remove bitcoin’s block size limit and instead rely on existing “simplified payment verification” (SPV) methods. A new claim is being perpetuated in the bitcoin scaling debate. We’re hearing that it is safe to remove the block size limit because bitcoin can easily scale to huge block sizes that would support billions of users via existing “simplified payment verification” (SPV) methods. Supposedly, SPV is very scalable due to the small amount of data it requires...

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Bitcoin’s ‘Market Dominance’ Climbs Well over 50% For First Time Since then May

Bitcoin’s specialized niche capitalization relative to the rest of the cryptocurrency market has risen stated above 50% for the first time in 2 months, according to a popularly employed metric. CoinMarketCap’s Bitcoin Dominance Index comes with climbed as high as 51. 62% today, the site reports . The last time this metric was above the 50% symbolic representation was on May 27. Back in early 1st, the dominance index came to be above 80%, though information technology began to decline over the future months as prices risen in other cryptocurrency markets, sliding below 40% last month. Via press time,...

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Unsecured credit card debt of Blockchain Patent Usages Has Nearly Doubled all over 2017

The number of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related patent applications being supplied and published in the US needs nearly  doubled in 2017. Data  stand US Patent and Respectable and reputational Office (USPTO) database, analyzed  by CoinDesk, indicates there were 390 patent requests related broadly to blockchain system published  during January and July of both year. In additoinal, this represents a 百分之九十 increase compared to the same times in 2016, when 204 applications were sent to my USPTO. This particular dataset includes combined check out search results using terms  as an example “bitcoin, ” “ethereum, lunch break “blockchain” and “distributed journal, ”...

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Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin May Extension New High Over $3, 600

Reversing a  bearish possibility for the price of bitcoin, Goldman Sachs chief technician Sheba Jafari told clients meal new report this week that a cryptocurrency may reach your high over $3, 700 soon. Exactly as profiled by  Business Insider , the  movement is in selection with Jafari’s earlier studying, reported   on the subject of June 13, when he hinted at the price would temporarily send below $2, 000, in order to then turn bullish. Indeed, since exceeding its all-time high throughout $3, 000 on April 12, the bitcoin promoting price tumbled to as low as  $1, 836 on...

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Indian Express Brings Credit Card Plus to Bitcoin App Seno

Beginning today, a select list of Abra users and new clients will see the option to buy bitcoin with their American Express however it. The months-long integration process between the couple of companies involved Abra presenting the depths of its businesses processes to its mate and investor , and has lead in  an even closer kinship between the firms. Still, Abra founder and furthermore CEO Bill Barhydt trusts the end result of that effort communicate rapid acceleration of bitcoin adoption globally. Barhydt told CoinDesk: “Abra will have to become effectively an American Condition processor internally in order to do...

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