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Month: April 2017

How We Are Turning into the Ultimate Web Destination for Bitcoin Fans

For well over a year we have been building to be the top destination for all your bitcoin needs. Our web portal has a vast array of areas where one can learn about bitcoin, purchase the digital asset, talk about bitcoin, play fun casino games with bitcoin, get the latest Bitcoin-related news, and interact with many more featured services. is growing popular as our web portal is seeing over a million visitors every month according to Google analytics and Alexa ratings. Additionally, this April our site surpassed’s global rankings according to Alexa ratings, and we continue...

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Maybe We Can All Get Along After All – Even in Bitcoin

Over the past year, the Bitcoin scaling debate has escalated to new levels. It seems no one can come to an agreement on the best path forward and people have resorted to attacks, slander, and rancorous disputes. Throughout the most recent hostility, a refreshing post on the subreddit r/bitcoin concerning a discussion on the r/btc forum suggests it is still possible we could all get along someday soon.   Also read: India’s Government May Be Preparing to Legalize and Regulate Bitcoin This Summer The Block Size Debate in the Beginning Most people don’t realize the block size debate has been...

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Crowdfunding Hollywood? Regulation Isn’t Making it Easy for ICO Projects

When first contacting CoinDesk, the team behind a movie called “Braid” had big news to share. Unlike your traditional crowdfunding model, used by the likes of Kickstarter or Indiegogo, the goal of the project was to let a global pool of buyers both crowdfund and profit from the movie. Among the tools at their disposal were ethereum, a global blockchain platform, and WeiFund, a new crowdfunding platform built on top of this emerging technology. Mitzi Peirone, the director of Braid, heralded the solution as one that would make crowdfunded movies – by the fans, for the fans – more democratic. “A...

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MimbleWimble: Why Silly Sounding Tech Could Seriously Reform Bitcoin

Catheryne Nicholson is the CEO and founder of BlockCypher, a blockchain web services startup. In this opinion piece, Nicholson speaks out about the dysfunctional state of bitcoin’s community and why she believes new tech called MimbleWimble could help save it. The state of bitcoin today is highly discouraging. Watching grown men hurl insults at each other on Reddit and Twitter is just sad. When I became involved in 2013, bitcoin’s potential seemed endless. It was heralded as a possible solution for micropayments, remittances, microfinance, parking meters, email spam and so on. Many women, myself included, believed in bitcoin as a means to...

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Is Bitcoin at Risk as Google and IBM Aim for 50-Qubit Quantum Computers?

A looming concern in the crypto community is whether quantum computing will destroy Bitcoin’s underlying protocol. People are worried government agencies or other nefarious entities will crack bitcoin’s code with quantum algorithms and undermine blockchain technology. In reality, these fears reflect more of an imagined doomsday scenario than a true statement about future events. Also read: Antonopoulos Details Bitcoin’s Two Layers of Protection Against Quantum Computing There are two main reasons why bitcoiners should be skeptical about quantum computing threats to blockchain technology. People tend to wallow in fear, uncertainty, and doubt regarding new technology. They assume new technology implies some type of inevitable...

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