Developers affiliated with the Bitcoin Core project have start to discuss possible negative side potency period that could result if bitcoin is split into two rival blockchain networks with different deter sizes.

With regards to post to the bitcoin vendor mailing list today , developer Lomaz Dashjr proposed a way aid allow consumer-friendly wallets continue to be function securely, even if a trigger on a smaller-block blockchain opened their gates in an effort to confuse their attitude.

While construction on many if-then presumptions, the idea has nonetheless tempted praise as a clever concoction that could mitigate a potential disadvantage to such a scenario, one that does sound increasingly of interest to bitcoin online companies and businesses .

As through CoinDesk, bitcoin miners and thus developers have been increasingly at winning odds on cast direction, prompting talk piece of writing party could go as much as to force a ‘fork’ or alter the rules but also thereby create a new blockchain.

Should this example arise, the idea is that miners involved in securing the new blockchain could go so far as that will attack the old chain, so a compromising the ability of clients to record transaction background act as an authoritative quantity.

At worry is that so-called SPV handbags and wallets (the kind that most most prevalent users have) do not utilized the full history of transactions, could possibly be could be disrupted should miners seek to confuse them with any data that’s incorrect by their ruleset.

In response, Dashjr has coded a write for how light storage compartments would be able to detect that certain pieces were too large given i would say the ruleset of the  smaller sized block blockchain.

In comments on reddit, Bitcoin Core developer Greg Maxwell lauded the proposal as a “moderately capable proof” that doesn’t require circle rule changes.

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