One of the world’s oldest lending options, and the $5tn industry a powers it, may be several a change thanks to blockchain specialist.

That’ utes the conclusion of our latest CoinDesk Taking a look at report, “Blockchains for Insurance”. Released from a technical perspective today, the report concerns the ‘Bond of Trust’ and the commercial relationships was employed deliver insurance products.

Our 44-page strong dive into one of the most enjoyable industry sectors illustrates tips about how thought leaders believe through 5 fundamental facets of the industry would likely undergo a major  shift  due to  the same new that have made bitcoin a great $15bn payment network and even global phenomenon.

From some of the world’ t largest insurers to younger blockchain startups, “ Blockchains for Insurance” gives individuals the context they need to understand technology’ s potential, combined with the insight to drive decisions of future experimentation.

Highlights include:

  • A comprehensive overview of project activity in the sector
  • Drilldowns into lima impact areas for blockchain in insurance
  • Easy-to-read guides to language and technology
  • Introductions, interviews and experience from over 20 blockchain markets startups.

Plus you’ll find unique observations into how blockchain could impact P& C overall healthiness, title, travel, wholesale and thus life insurance products, as well as dupery detection, marketplace risk pass on, the sharing economy, position modeling and more.

Companies covered  include: Allianz, Airbnb, AXA, Augur, Berkshire Hathaway, Bitfury, Blem Information Management, Blockstream, Bloq, ChainThat, Chromaway, Deloitte, Euler Hermes, Everledger, Factom, Gem, HealthNautica, Hijro, Lloyd’ s of London, PwC, R3CEV, SafeShare Global, Skuchain, Symbiont, Tierion, Trace, USAA, Vrumi  and Z/Yen.

Read a cost-free preview of our report what follows:

Blockchains for Insurance Free Survey by Pete Rizzo on Scribd

Reproduction via Caroline Terree in CoinDesk

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